Live The Unplugged Life

Turn-Off Tuesdays 
Hello everyone! We are a group trying to create a new way of thinking called Turned off Tuesday. Many of you may already do this, but the Idea is to unplug all items (ex. blender, computer charger, house-hold appliances, ect.) on a tuesday night. This will allow people to save power that is being wasted, and also lower payment on power bills. And just for everyone to know, we are not asking to unplug items like fridges or desktops. These items are best not unplugged. But anything else, such as a toaster or unused chargers, should be unplugged. The main reasoning is that fossil fuels are running out, and if we could save some of the power we already have, we could have more time to think of other ideas before it runs out. There is a link to the petition if you would like to help us and sign it.
What We Do
Just so ya know!
  • Our group will be taking tours to schools and will be giving speeches to classes about this situation and how we can help it. We will also be sending emails to the people of oakwood and will give flyers to neighboring areas to promot our study.
  • Our petition for 500 people will be shown to Lexus Eco to promote the idea even further.
Finnigan McCormack, Jack Borok, Galit Ringach, Ava Homampour , Dov Sikowitz, and Wesley Firestone.